A Floral Gift of Spring on Your Wedding

Spring, the king of seasons, stores the most beautiful thing in its bags – the spring wedding flowers. Flowers are a treat to anyone’s eyes, but the spring wedding flowers are of a different taste. They add a different flavour to one’s eyes. Colourful and aromatic, the flowers of spring create a different aura in the wedding atmosphere altogether.

The couples who marry in spring are indeed very lucky. Roses, daisies, magnolias, tulips, lilacs and peonies – there’s a whole lot of them! Florists bring in a huge stock of spring wedding flowers for their customers to set their eyes upon. The customers, on their part, have a very wide and cost effective range to choose from.spring wedding flowers

Yes, flowers and floral arrangements come at a cost and can be a surprising big-ticket to buy. If you pick upon off-season flowers, then be positively sure that it is going to burn a huge hole in your pocket. But relax, this is the season of spring and spring has a huge collection of delightful, exquisite, charming and wonderful flowers. The spring wedding flowers for your wedding can be a whole lot gentler on your wallet. It would be wise to think seasonally as it has a two-sided advantage. Firstly, it spares your wallet generously and secondly, adds an appropriate and relevant look at your special day, making it all the more memorable and captivating.

The season of spring symbolises new beginnings for the children of Mother Earth. The days start to become longer and the nights squatter away. Everyone’s life is filled with new zing and the fervour to put in that extra effort which makes everything special. There’s a smile on every face and a skip in every step. Spontaneously, the snow starts to melt and the landscape is dotted with bluebells, daffodils, daisies and magnolias, relaying the retreat of winter and her long white cloak. Slotting in these typical, acquainted blooms into your bridal bouquet can add a lively spirit and a bona fide attractiveness to your wedding floral arrangements without losing that tantalising and sensitive feel.

The Spring Wedding Flowers Option

Some spring wedding flowers include hydrangea, which in its full bloom, can make a great standalone centrepiece all by itself, at a very bargaining deal. Flowers like calla lilies add a simple and sweet look to your wedding, for those looking for it, and when wrapped in a soft, silver satin ribbon and placed on the bride or the bridesmaid’s hand, they create a sight to behold! The bold and colourful daisies are great at your unique, fun-filled backyard-chic wedding. One of the most elegant and chic spring wedding flowers, the magnolia, is best when carried down the aisle for that maximum wow stimulation.

The gorgeous blossom, peony, is an all-time favourite with the brides. It’s the perfect mix of charm and sensation, and the graceful varieties complement so many wedding colour palettes. Colourful and beautiful, you can never go wide of the mark if you go for roses in a bouquet, boutonniere or centrepiece. The red colour adds an enchanting contrast to the wedding gown and suit and creates an alluring aura for the newlyweds to feel special.

Alright, so peonies are a universal favourite. But do you want to add a little more edge to it? Then the stylish spring bloom, ranunculi or, better-known as creeping buttercup, is what you are looking for. These spring wedding beauties simply go off when they are incorporated into simple but elegant arrangements.

A Floral Gift of Spring on Your Wedding

Other flowers include snowflakes, which are akin in their façade to snowdrops. These bell-shaped beauties have small green dots at the end of each petal and each and every flower offers a sensitive, fine and juicy delicate scent to bring an aura of spring on your wedding day.

For an elusive, refined and sincere look, and mind boggling cologne, sweet peas hold a real special charm. They grace the flower gardens for a long span of time throughout the season and come in a wide range of vivid and varied colours. Sweet pea flowers are small and womanly and their stalks send out spiralled green tendrils that twirl around the bouquet in strands and locks. This might even fall in with your hair style if you have decided to go for soft twirls and locks in your hair. Sweet pea, the graceful climbing flower, adds a graceful tint and texture wherever it plays a part and is undoubtedly a star among spring wedding flowers.

Speaking of spring wedding flowers, how can anyone ignore the charm, aroma and shades of lavender? The calm fragrance and lively hue can add a different tag to your wedding, on the whole. Lavenders have an unfussy look and are best suited for a tied bouquet in the hand.

If your tastes and preference are of a much more structural and streamlined floral styles and looks then a tulip is the flower you are looking for. Tulips are available throughout the season of spring. One of the advantages of tulips beside their lavish outward appearance is their astounding colour range. One can choose from hues ranging from bold and daring to more subtle and refined ones that are romantic and bashful.

Certain specific flowers are the characteristics of certain seasons. Lilacs, on their part, trumpet out that spring has arrived in all its colours and smells. These heavily scented, woody shrubs with long panicles of flowers can live for years. The flowers have a rich legacy as a Victorian favourite and are well suited to be used in typical antique and vintage style weddings. If you are thinking of giving these beautiful blossoms a try, be assured, the old-fashioned scent will not let you down and is well worthy of a try.

Okay, flowers are fragile and it is natural that you should worry about the condition of your wedding flowers on the night before the wedding. But don’t lose your sleep because there’s a lot of insurance companies around who would willingly ensure your precious wedding flowers so that you can sleep soundly and be ready for the big day.

With a superior wedding insurance and a wedding with some spectacular spring wedding flowers in the background, the future of your marriage is bound to blossom marvellously.

We love fall wedding flowers.

Are you getting married? Are you the Bride? Congratulations! You must have started preparing for your big day then, haven’t you? Don’t get confused or worried. You need to plan step by step starting from what dress to wear, what accessories to mix and match, what shoes to wear, and many other small tit bits. But choosing correct fall wedding flowers is very much necessary because it is very important to note what flowers will give your white dress a beautiful outlook. Here we will discuss what wedding flowers will suit you best!

How to start with

Choose your wedding flowers that reflect the season you are marrying in. It must be chic as well as intriguing so you need to contact best florists as well as event designers who will chalk out the correct design for you to wear. They will give you a list of latest trends that are hitting the market. Also, if you don’t want to go by the trend, sport a look that you feel most comfortable in.

The new trend in wedding flowers is beautiful, lush, vibrant hued collection with a number of interesting textures to choose from. Don’t use only two or only three types of blooms in your bouquet. Rather mix and match it with a wide range of colourful flowers that coordinate with your style and your wedding dress. For example, you can carry a bouquet of gorgeous classy base flowers with a taste of feathery crocosmia and team it up with velvety like coxcomb. Also, lambada to your fall wedding flowers a mixture of viburnum i.e.hypericum berries that are non-floral. Add it to lotus texts, ferns with fiddleheads, ear leaves of woolly. This will not only make your bouquet stylish but will look colourful too.

If you want to add a touch of the fall, you can also add poppies that have dark centres. This gives the style a unique look as poppies are everyone’s all time favourite.

Rich hues! Loving flowers!

Who doesn’t love flowers having rich hues? Add a dramatic look by choosing flowers having deeper shades. Use unexpected colours of autumn with shades of magenta, royal blue, copper, aubergine, and lush green, forest green and purple. Dahlias with gorgeous colours like red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, white, burgundy, plum, come in all seasons.

Roses are all time favourites in fall wedding flowers. You can add bright fresh roses only or orange roses with white flowers as base, add a mixture of roses that reflect your bond of true love, friendship and trust with your loved one.

You can ask for antique flowers such as green and purple hydrangeas or darker shades of calla lilies. Whatever you use let it be unique, fresh and simple because simplicity is the key to a wonderful day.

Choose your bouquet

If you want to look natural, let your bouquet of fall wedding flowers be loose. It looks as if the flowers were freshly picked from any English garden. One can also opt for more designed bouquets that are more structured and tight. Pack the bouquet with tight colourful ribbons, leaving it dome shaped with colours such as red, plum, blue or brick. Don’t expose the stems of the flowers. Ask your florist to wrap it up in the fabric that is textured with sashes that are of velvet or ribbons. Carry the bouquet with style, elegance and just be you. Are you feeling uncomfortable in any way? Look where the discomfort comes from, while you practise carrying the bouquet.We love fall wedding flowers.

Centrepieces should be chosen well

The new brides want succulents as the main centrepiece of their wedding reception. These come in bright vibrant colours that add an extra drama to your special day. Mainly in red, aubergine, plum, pomegranate and cactus green, their leaves tend to look like petals.

Not only this, fall wedding flowers can also be decorated with beautiful cups and copper trophy vases that come in various designs and textures. From earthenware to gold leaf vases, there are beautiful and colourful containers made of wood and come in various unique shapes and sizes. You can also decorate your centre table with antique pieces having large darkened dahlias or poppies shading it beautifully.

For large glass vases that look elegant, add white berry flowers as base. Collection of flower pots will attract your guests and they will take one home at the end of the day. Ask the interior decorator to design the sitting arrangements in such a way that the pots and vases come in a vision.


Now-a-days, brides and bridegrooms are aiming at eco-friendly organic fall wedding flowers. You can use flowers that bloom near your wedding arena. Try to bring flowers of your own continent that will not only look natural but also promote the nurseries and local habitat you live in.

You can decorate your wedding venue with fabulous little white fall wedding flowers. This will make the site look simple yet beautiful. Welcome your guests with red roses. Decorate the wedding arena with royal blue or pink or white and red roses that will give a different meaning to this special day of yours.

Take care

Be yourself and be elegant in what you do. Flowers are nature’s children and should be handled with care. Never strew the flowers everywhere after use so that people trample it and make the place look rubbish with trampled flowers everywhere. Fix somebody who will take care of cleanliness and hygiene. After use, throw the flowers in a waste paper basket and keep the basket aside from other dirt which means let there be a separate basket for flowers only.

You can also decorate small little children with fall wedding flowers as their crown, which will look cute. Click photos with these little fairies. Be smart and confident and don’t be nervous. Don’t forget to cut the thorns of flowers before you carry them. Don’t forget, whatever you do, whatever you carry, what you wear, all eye will be fixed on you and make such an impression that you compel your guests and your loved to turn their heads! So, what are you waiting for? Start planning from now and look best on your wedding day!